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Handling Of Complex And Serious Trucking Accident Cases

The lawyers at Gean, Gean & Gean, in Fort Smith, have extensive personal injury experience. We have been practicing in this area of law in Arkansas courts for around 100 years. Our knowledge and experience in this area of law allow us to try even the most serious and complex of trucking accident cases in court.

The lawyers at our firm are also competent and experienced personal injury litigators. We know what courts are looking for in approving a truck accident claim. Our understanding of these types of cases allows us to anticipate case strategies that defense attorneys will take when trying these cases.

The Personal Injury Representation We Will Provide

There can be many parties responsible for a truck accident, including truckers, other drivers on the road, trucking companies and truck manufacturers, and mechanics in charge of truck maintenance. The failure of the brakes, steering or suspension system can lead to catastrophic loss.

Also, when truck accidents occur, there may be a number of filing deadlines in order to make a claim. For this reason, our firm will take immediate action when representing you in a truck accident case. Such actions include:

  • Investigating the scene of the truck wreck, including the taking of measurements and photos
  • Interviewing witnesses concerning their knowledge of the accident
  • Obtaining investigators and experts who can review accident information and testify on your behalf
  • Negotiating with defendants and insurance companies to elicit an adequate settlement offer
  • Preparing your case for trial
  • Providing representation at trial, including the presenting of evidence and examination and cross-examination of witnesses

Our attorneys have significant litigation experience. Because of our long ties to the community, we have access to experts who can testify on your behalf. Our dedication to everyone we represent includes providing your case with the attention to detail it deserves.

The Injuries And Damages That Truck Accidents Cause

A truck crash is potentially the most serious sort of motor vehicle accident that occurs on the road. The property damage involving truck accidents is generally extensive. Trucks are extremely large to begin with, and a truck accident often involves multiple vehicles. The injuries are often severe and can involve broken bones, paralysis, brain contusions, lacerations, burns and even death.

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As in all personal injury cases, we receive no fee unless you receive compensation for your injuries.