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Protecting You, Your Assets And Your Family

There are no guarantees in life. You’re here one day and gone the next. Without estate planning, your legacy is in the hands of the court system when it should be in your family’s hands. Gean, Gean & Gean helps individuals in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma create strong legal protections that keep them in control if they become incapacitated or pass away.

The Core Elements Of An Estate Plan

There are several basic tools that every estate plan should have. They are:

  • A will
  • A living trust
  • A power of attorney
  • An advance health care directive

With these legal tools in your toolbox, you can rest assured your wishes regarding your health care, your assets and your family will be honored no matter what happens. 

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Gean, Gean & Gean?

The attorneys at Gean, Gean & Gean have been helping members of our community create estate plans for a long time. In our decades of experience, we’ve come to recognize the major issues and pitfalls in the estate planning process. We’ve learned how to create effective strategies to work around these issues and accomplish our client’s goals. 

We can help you prepare for the cost of nursing home care while not sacrificing your assets. We can help protect your estate from going through the probate process. We can create legal tools that preserve wealth for generations.

We dedicate a high level of personal attention to each of our clients, gain a deep understanding of their unique circumstances and goals, and create effective legal strategies to accomplish them.

Start Your Estate Planning Journey Today 

When it comes to estate planning, there’s no time like the present. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so it’s best to be prepared for whatever may come. To get started, reach out to Gean, Gean & Gean to arrange a free consultation. Call 479-222-1520 or fill out a request form online to schedule.