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Protecting The Rights Of Drivers Charged With Drunk Driving

Police and prosecutors throughout western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma take drunk driving charges seriously. When making a traffic stop or an arrest, they don’t always take the time to protect your rights. If you have been arrested and charged with DWI, DUI or any other alcohol-related offense, don’t say another word until you talk with an attorney about your rights.

Make your phone call to Gean, Gean & Gean in Fort Smith. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers are licensed to represent clients charged in counties throughout western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. Attorney Michael Pierce is a former prosecutor with extensive experience prosecuting DUI cases. We know how the police gather evidence and how the assistant district attorneys prepare their cases.

We will pursue an aggressive defense strategy to the fullest extent of the law. We have an excellent record taking cases to trial and winning in front of a judge and jury. In cases when the evidence stacks up against you, we use our long-standing reputation for integrity to work with the district attorney; always seeking a solution that protects your freedom and your future. Since opening our doors in 1919, we have helped hundreds of clients avoid the harsh punishment that can result from a DUI conviction.

We Handle Every Component Of Your DUI Case

Getting charged with drunk driving means you are facing two legal problems. First, of course, is the misdemeanor or felony criminal offense. For many people, the harder problem is the automatic suspension or loss of their driver’s license. Let us start protecting your rights and privileges right away. We will handle arrangements for all hearings to help you get your driver’s license reinstated, pending the outcome of your criminal proceeding. If you already had your driver’s license suspended, call us to discuss your options for helping you get your license reinstated on a provisional basis.

Arrested For DWI? Call Us Now.

Contact us online or call our offices at 479-222-1520 to arrange a free consultation with one of our attorneys. If your circumstances will not allow you to come to us, we may be able to make arrangements to meet with you at your location.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and payment plans may be available, depending upon your case. Our general office hours in Fort Smith are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Flexible evening and weekend consultations may be available by special arrangement.